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To upgrade, or not to upgrade...

To upgrade, or not to upgrade...

It seems like we've used the above title before -- about a year ago when the 100LX came out. Time waits for no man and technology marches on. But do you need to upgrade to the HP 200LX? There are emotional and rational reasons for making that decision. Let's look at the rational ones.

HP 100LX users

If you want a portable personal financial manager, then consider the 200LX. This is especially true if you use (or want to use) desktop Quicken. HP 100LX 1MB users who want the extra RAM could move up to a 2MB 200LX and sell their 100LX to cover some of the cost. Other than including Pocket Quicken, there is not a whole lot different between the two Palmtops. An HP 100LX user can opt for a less expensive upgrade. A 100LX compatible version of Pocket Quicken will available from Intuit in the Fall for $69.95. It's identical to the 200LX version of Pocket Quicken, and designed for the 100LX. HP 100LX Pocket Quicken users with Quicken on their desktop will probably also want the new HP Connectivity Pack (see page 17).

HP 95LX users

If you've been putting off getting a 100LX till now, and Quicken and the "kinder, gentler" 200LX interface attracts you, go for the 200LX.

For those wanting to move up to the 200LX, here's some points to remember:

  1. 1. The 200LX along with the 100LX have a more powerful set of built-in applications, particularly the Appointment Book, Phone Book, and DataBase applications.
  2. 2. You can use the 95LX Connectivity Pack to transfer files back and forth between your desktop PC and the 100/200LX, although you'll have to get the HP 200LX Connectivity Pack if you want to run the newer built-in applications on your desktop PC.
  3. 3. Your SRAM and Flash memory cards should work in the 200LX.
  4. 4. 95Buddy will not work on the 100/200LX, but 100Buddy works partially on the 200LX.
  5. 5. Switch, a third party application loader, does not work on the 200LX. However, the 200LX does have AppManager to allow you to load and pop up over DOS programs.
  6. 6. You can move files between your 95LX, 100LX, and 200LX using the IR port, the serial port and connectivity cables, or a memory card. However, some flash cards that work in the 200LX cannot be read on the 95LX.
  7. 7. The 200LX has the same file conversion capability as the 100LX. HP 95LX users can transfer their Appointment and Phone files to the 200LX, load them into the appropriate application, and have the 200LX automatically reformat them. However, you cannot go backwards and translate Appointment Book and Phone Book files from 200LX to the 95LX format. The 200LX can read 95LX MEMO and LOTUS files. There were a few problems mentioned by 100LX users trying to use 95LX .EQN files on their 100LX. We don't know if these carried over to the 200LX.
  8. 8. You cannot use the 95LX AC adapter with the 200LX! However, you can use the 100/200LX adapter with the 95LX.
  9. 9. The 200LX has better C: drive protection and you're less likely to have problems with Stac'd memory cards.
  10. 10. Two common reasons exist for not upgrading from the 95LX. First, the display is easier to read, especially in PHONE and APPT. Secondly, the 95LX's built-in applications load, save, and find faster.



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