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HP Palmtop Crossword Clues Solve the Palmtop crossword puzzle at the top of the page using these clues.


A1 MEMO is one example

G1 Where to write ToDo's

B2 Screen

I2 100LX MEMO can generate automatically when outlining

A3 In common with a PC

E3 Every file has this associated with it

G4 The merits of this HP calculator feature that can spark "religious war"

A5 Palmtop is this class of computer

D5 Programming language

B6 Pretties up 100LX AppManager

G6 Decimal, binary, hex

A7 Start key

F7 Bit bucket

A8 Two keys have this prefix

G8 Publishers of HP Palmtop Paper

D9 Automatic 100LX stamp

I9 Publisher/exec editor of HP Palmtop Paper

A10 Get it with HP Starlink every few hours

H10 One of the keys referenced in A8


A7 You need to do this to start editing a file

B1 You can do this in 123 and HP CALC

C1 HP Palmtops, the OmniBook, and Vectras are examples

D5 When you upgrade, HP swaps these

E3 You should do this before creating a spreadsheet

G1 Read-only is an example

H3 Built-in application

I1 Lotus function

I9 The source

J1 95LX MEMO file

J5 Built-in assembler


Words across: A1 -- APP, G1 -- APPT, B2 -- LCD, I2 -- IX, A3 -- DOS, E3 -- Path, G4 -- RPN, A5 -- XT, D5 -- BASIC, B6 -- Icon, G6 -- Base, A7 -- ON, F7 -- NUL, A8 -- PG, G8 -- TC, D9 -- Date, I9 -- HG, A10 -- News, H10 -- UP. Words Down: A7 -- Open, B1 -- Plotting, C1 -- PCs, D5 -- Boards, E3 -- Plan, G1 -- Attribute, H3 -- HPCALC, I1 -- PI, I9 -- HP, J1 -- TXT, J5 -- DEBUG.

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