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Kermit gives you all VT100 function keys on the Palmtop 95LX 100/200LX

 Each of the 18 keys in the VT100 terminal's numeric keypad takes on special functions when running VT100-specific programs, such as full-screen editors, E-mail, and many others.

VT100 Numeric Keypad: Graphic

 The problem with the HP Palmtop's built-in DataComm application's VT100 emulation is that it only emulates the four PF keys, and gives the user no way to emulate the other 14 function keys. Without access to these function keys, VT100-specific programs can not be run.

Columbia University's freeware communications program, Kermit (MS-DOS), is useful because it allows you to assign all the function keys to your choice of keys on the Palmtop. I use the (F1) through (F10) keys and (ALT)-(F1) through (ALT)-(F10) to emulate the 18 keys in the VT100 key- pad.

On my previous 100LX (ROM 1.02) I could run Kermit 3.13 (MSK313.ZIP ), but Kermit 2.29 and 3.01 (MSK301.ZIP ) would lock up the automatic time- out function. I am able to run all three Kermit versions on my new 100LX (ROM 1.04). Due to its small size, I now use Kermit 3.01. For the 95LX the smaller Kermit 2.29 (KERM2.ZIP ) is a good fit.

The trick to using any DOS communications program on the 100LX is to add it to the Application Manager (press (F2)) and put two special characters in the Comments field: an upside down "!" (press (Fn)- (FILER)), stops System Manager from interfering with the serial port; an upside down "?" (press (Fn)-(3)), eliminates the "press any key to return to DOS" message when exiting a DOS program.

Also, APLOAD lets you run MS-DOS Kermit without disabling System Manager so you can task switch to the built-in applications.

Victor D Roberts

CompuServe ID: [70413,1423]

Internet ID: roberts@crd.ge.com

[Editor's Note: Kermit should run on the 200LX but has not been tested. ACE Technologies sells fastCOMM! which provides full VT100 emulation, and AppMAN! which is a commercial DOS application loader.]

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