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Corporations: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Corporations: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

[We got the following message from CompuServe in response to some pretty virulent attacks on an HP policy. The author is one of the developers of the HP Palmtop software and one of the most helpful, thoughtful, and "even keeled" people we know. His thoughts are worth considering, not only for CompuServe members, but for others of us sometimes upset at HP -- Rich.]

I'm disappointed in some of the comments that I've read on the forum.

You need to understand a corporation like HP is NOT just a "money grabbing institution" out to make a buck any way "it" can, "screwing the customer whenever possible," etc.

A corporation is nothing more than a loosely knit collection of INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE, mostly working together, with differing levels of commitment and dedication to the job, with differing levels of interest in what they're doing.

A corporation does not make decisions. PEOPLE make decisions. In corporations it sometimes takes a while for information to make it to the right people, for decisions to be made, for actions to be taken, etc.

Demanding that your warranty be fulfilled is one thing. Attacking people is something else. Imagining yourself working here at the Corvallis Division of HP, whether in the lab, marketing, support, manufacturing, or wherever, spending years of your life creating the best product you can given the realities of a competitive marketplace. Then go back and read the messages that some of you have posted here (in CompuServe's HP Hand forum). Corporations are imaginary things, the people are real.

Some of you have spent too much uncritical time watching and reading the output of sensationalist journalists. I'm posting this for YOU. If it helps make you more aware, or to think three times about the ramifications of the things you say and do, then I'm happy. If you think I'm totally wet, c'est la vie. (P.S. This comment is purely my own opinion and in no way should be construed to reflect the opinion of "HP".)

Everett Kaser

CompuServe ID: [70662,2540]

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