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My HP Palmtop won me $20

My HP Palmtop won me $20

I am writing (and will send) this message from the Sussex County, NJ Air Show, with the help of my trusty 100LX and acCIS.

You just never know when one of these tiny computers is going to come in handy. My father and I were wandering around looking at all the great planes when the announcer offered $20 to the first person who could give the number of feet and inches in one nautical mile accurate to 1/10,000th of an inch.

I pulled out my trusty HP 100LX, hot keyed to HP CALC, pressed (MENU) Application Conversions, and selected Length. I entered 1 and pressed (F10) (More) (F2) (mi NAUT) (F10) (More) (F4) (foot). HP Calc displayed "foot = 6,076.115485564304". (You may have to press (MENU) Options Number Format to adjust the number of decimal points displayed.)

To figure the number of inches left over, I subtracted the number of feet (6076) and multiplied the remaining decimal fraction by 12.

I ran over to the announcer's booth and showed him that the answer = 6,076 feet and 1.385826771648 inches. He announced on the Public Address system that I used a Hewlett-Packard 100LX to get the correct answer. I got my $20 and the 100LX and I got a round of applause from the crowd.

Stan Dobrowski [TeamHP]

CompuServe ID: [71031,2162]

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