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Use HP 100/200LX Connectivity Pac on a non-EGA desktop

Use HP 100/200LX Connectivity Pac on a non-EGA desktop

The User's Guide for the HP 100LX Connectivity Pack (CPACK) specifies that user's desktop PC must have an "EGA or higher display" to use the CPACK software. This is not entirely true. The program does operate, but will not display on the desktop's screen. [Editor's note: The HP 95LX Connectivity Pack software will display on PC compatibles with Mono, CGA, EGA, VGA displays.]

For simple file transfers and backup, this program can be effectively used without the proper desktop display. This is because the FILER program on the HP 100/200LX Palmtops can act as the host and the desktop as the server. The Palmtop's split FILER screen will show the Palmtop's drive as Local and the desktop's drive as Remote. All FILER operations (except the initial setup) can be operated with full visual feedback from the Palmtop.


The Toshiba T1200XE is a portable DOS-compatible computer with a CGA display that cannot show the 100/200LX Connectivity Pack program's screens. The instructions below should be virtually the same for and DOS-compatible PC with a less-than EGA display.

These procedures assume that the HP 100/200LX Connectivity Pack has already been installed on the Toshiba. The installation procedure is explained in the beginning of the Connectivity Pack User's Guide. The installation program's displays should be visible on any PC display.

On your HP Palmtop, go to FILER and press (MENU) Communications Remote and make sure its communications settings match the CPACK defaults: Baud = 9600; Interface = COM1; Phone = (empty); Server Mode = Enabled. Do not attempt to modify them on your desktop. Make sure the HP Palmtop is connected to the Toshiba via the HP PC Connectivity Cable. Then follow these steps:


  1. 1. Turn on the Toshiba T1200XE.
  2. 2. From the DOS prompt press c: (ENTER).
  3. 3. Press cd c:\cpack100 (ENTER).
  4. 4. Press app100 (ENTER) to start CPACK.
  5. 5. Press f to run the FILER program on the Toshiba.

  1. 1. Turn on the Palmtop and go to FILER.
  2. 2. Press (F7) to split the screen.
  3. 3. Press (<RightArrow>) to select the right half of screen.
  4. 4. Press (F6) to establish the Remote connection. The left split screen on the 95/100/200LX represents the Palmtop's drive. the right split screen represents the Toshiba's.
  5. 5. Using the Palmtop's keyboard and display screen, select the desired file(s) and delete them or copy or move them from one computer to the other.
  6. 6. When finished transferring files to disconnect the two computers: press (F10) on the 100/200LX; press (MENU) (Q) on the 95LX.
On the Toshiba, press (ALT)-Quit twice to return to the DOS prompt. This procedure can be used to transfer individual files back and forth between the two computers. Once connected, from FILER on the 100/200LX you can press (MENU) File Backup to back up the Palmtop to the Toshiba (see "Backing Up Files" in the HP 100LX User's Guide).

William Herron

Flagstaff AZ, USA

iPhone Life magazine

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