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Pocket Sales Force

Pocket Sales Force

Pocket Sales Force, known also as PSF, is the only Contact Manager that is System-Manager compliant. The ability to access PSF from within any built-in application is a key advantage over the other contact managers on the 95LX.

The Pocket Sales Force opening screen contains a menu with six command options:

Action Today! -- instructs PSF to search through the database for any companies which are due for action today.

Find company records -- allows you to search by any field to find the appropriate contact.

Input new sales leads -- allows you to add customer records. A unique feature of PSF is the capitalization of all applicable names. For example, if you type in a name like david it will format it automatically as David.

Process new sales leads -- is a unique feature that finds and displays each company that has not yet been assigned a "Next Action Date."

Setup -- allows you to configure the program with such information as changing the names of the 20 user-defined fields and setting a security password.

Export to 1-2-3 -- puts the format into a text file that can be read by Lotus. The 1-2-3 Data Parse command can then use this information.

Similar to ACT!'s pop-up choices, PSF offers a multiple choice list of predefined choices. Up to 80 items can be listed in a single multiple choice box.

Because of its database foundation, PSF offers such features as logical yes/no fields which make data entry a snap. This feature could be used to create a user defined field that asks whether or not a client is active. Another nice touch is the ability to put a salutation on the same line as the contact name. The search capability allows selecting records several ways including a range of values.

Pocket Sales Force allows you to easily assign an action such as a callback to a contact. When you select Action Today!, you are presented with a list of contacts with next action date set for today or previous. A useful merge/printing feature allows you to merge contact information to the letter of your choice created by HP's built-in memo editor.

Pocket Sales Force's installation, similar to ACT!, is quick and easy. Simply connect the cable between the PC and HP and follow the on-screen instructions. The software will be installed on the HP in a matter of minutes. Pocket Sales Force is only 60K in size and can run in as little as 200K. PSF is available in English, French and German, and offers several useful features over the built-in address book.

Pocket Sales Force retails for $69.95 (US) / 65.95 (UK).

USA CONTACT: Lighthouse Software, 19863 Kingswood, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, USA; Phone: 714-964-1981; Fax: 714-991-0869 or

UK CONTACT: CM Software, Unit 3, Ashcroft Close, Botley, Oxford OX2 9SE, UNITED KINGDOM; Phone: +44 0865 864844; Fax: +44 0865 864856.

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