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GoldMine 2.5 on the HP 100LX

GoldMine 2.5 on the HP 100LX

GoldMine is another full-featured contact manager used by 100LX owners. It allows users to add and edit contact records and automatically logs appointments, and letters into a history file. It also includes sales analysis and telemarketing features. GoldMine lets the user create up to 15 custom screens. GoldMine can be used on the 100LX and a desktop PC. Data files can be easily exchanged between the two systems and changes can be synchronized in both directions, avoiding the overwriting of files and loss of important information.

The following tip on installing GoldMine is from ELAN Software, the maker of GoldMine 2.5:

Installing GoldMine 2.5 on the 100LX

GoldMine for DOS can be installed to run on an HP 100/200LX, but requires the installation procedure described below. Be sure to request from ELAN the small version of the GoldMine 2.5 for DOS, which requires 20K less of system RAM to load. Also, the GoldMine files require 1-2MB of disk storage space, so you'll need to load them on a memory card. We recommend using a 5MB or greater ATA flash card.

  1. 1. Install GoldMine on your PC's local C drive and copy all of your desktop PC's GoldMine directories and files to the memory card in the HP's A drive.
  2. 2. GoldMine must be directed to search for its files on the A drive, rather than the C drive. This can be accomplished as follows:
  3. A. Install GoldMine as described above.
  4. B. Start GoldMine by typing gold25 /i or gold25s /i from the DOS prompt. (You are presented with a menu that lets you edit the path to the GoldMine data directory.)
  5. C. Edit the directory to reflect the new path (e.g. change the C: to an A:).
  6. 3. After editing the path, quit GoldMine and go back to the DOS prompt. Then restart GoldMine by typing gold25 or gold25s /i and you're up and running.
GoldMine 2.5 for DOS was written for a standard IBM PC or compatible and works on the 100/200LX because GoldMine is a "well-behaved DOS program." It was not written to coexist with the HP System Manager and it may be best to exit System Manager completely before launching GoldMine.

If you need additional assistance, contact ELAN Software via CompuServe by typing go goldmine from the CIS prompt.

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