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Batch file backup between Mac and HP Palmtop

Batch file backup between Mac and HP Palmtop

The following is an adaptation of the procedure found in an article in The HP Palmtop Paper (Sept/Oct 1993, page 36, by James Cummiskey).

First, I put my 95LX into the server mode at 2400 baud using the batch file ZIPMAC.BAT shown below. Notice that the /b24 switch sets ZIP to 2400 baud. I use a different batch file when copying or backing up files to my PC at work.


echo off



echo In the A: directory...

echo Ready to receive instructions

echo ***** zip /s/b24

echo off

echo Session is ended...

When backing up files to the Mac, I ensure that the Network E drive on the Mac is set to the folder into which I want to capture the files. Finally, I run HP95BAK.BAT (below) from SoftPC on the Mac, to copy all files from the Palmtop that have changed since the previous backup (the /t switch accomplishes this).

HP95BAK.BAT (below) copies files intended for use by other Mac applications (DOC and LOTUS directories) to the E: drive and other files to the C:\HP 95LX directory and appropriate subdirectories in the SoftPC "hard drive" file. Also, files on my ACE DoubleCard (Drive A:) transfer correctly. (Note: Indented lines below are wrapped from previous line.)


echo off


echo About to backup data from HP 95LX.

echo Set Network E: drive to correct file.


echo Press ENTER when ready ...



zip a:\*.* /f[c:\hp95lx\drivea] /t

zip a:\doc\*.* /f[e:\doc] /t

zip a:\lotus\*.* /f[e:\lotus] /t

zip c:\*.* /f[c:\hp95lx\drivec] /t

zip c:\_dat\*.* /f[c:\hp95lx\drivec\_dat] /t


echo Backup complete... All files reside in

echo C:\HP 95LX subdirectories and E: Drive Folder.


The combination of SoftPC and ZIP enables communication among all three computers and dramatically enhances my productivity and effective use of the 95LX. I am consistently impressed and surprised by the flexibility of SoftPC, and recommend it to those who face a similar dilemma.

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