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DOSKEY Editing Commands

DOSKEY Editing Commands

(<UpArrow>) and (<DownArrow>) recalls previous or next DOS command

(ENTER) executes the DOS command

(ESC) clears the command line

abc (F8) finds the commands that start with "abc"

(Fn)-(<UpArrow>) (Pg Up) and (Fn)-(<DownArrow>) (Pg Dn) recall the first and last DOS commands

(<RightArrow>) and (<LeftArrow>) move back and forth on the command line

(CTRL)-(<RightArrow>) and (CTRL)-(<LeftArrow>) moves the cursor to the beginning of a word

(Fn)-(<LeftArrow>) (Home) and (Fn)-(<RightArrow>) (End) moves cursor to the start or end of a command

(Fn)-(DEL) (Ins) toggles insert/overstrike typing mode

(DEL) deletes a character

(<Backspace>) rub out the character to the left

(F7) pages through all the DOS commands you've entered

(ALT)-(F7) clears the command history from memory

(F9)## edit the command with the number "##"

(ALT)-(F10) clears all macros from memory

(F1) through (F6) are the normal DOS editing keys

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