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Note: Following are some tips and helpful information we've been collecting from CompuServe's HPHAND forum on a number of popular third-party products. We've indicated whether the product relates to the 95LX, 100LX, or both. With some exceptions, products that work on the 100LX should also work on the 200LX. Most of these tips were written before the 200LX was released and the authors refer only to the 100LX.

If you have any additional product quick tips, please send them into us c/o:

Thaddeus Computing, Inc.

P.O. Box 869

Fairfield, IA 52556

Turn 95Buddy and 100Buddy off and on(95LX) (100LX)

ACT!: Enhanced by SWITCH!; Louder Alarms (95LX)

Agenda: Configuring for the Palmtops (95LX) (100/200LX)

DBASE III: Works on the HP 95LX

DBASE III+: Works on the 100LX (100/200LX)

Fax Software: General Tip (95LX) (100/200LX)

Fax Software: QuickLink II on the 100LX

Fax Software: MTEZ (100/200LX)

Flight Planning and Navigation (95LX) (100/200LX)

Flight Simulator runs on the HP 100LX (100/200LX)

InfoSelect: a DOS alternative to PHONE (95LX) (100/200LX)

Modem: Megahertz Setup Caution (100/200LX)

Modem Case: Use Kodak camera case for Macronix modem and accessories (95LX) (100/200LX)

Prodigy runs on the HP 100LX (100/200LX)

SWITCH 2.0: Some features (95LX)

Tapcis on the HP 100LX (100/200LX)

More on running Tapcis on the HP 100LX (100/200LX)

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