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Turn 95Buddy and 100Buddy off and on(95LX) (100LX)

Turn 95Buddy and 100Buddy off and on(95LX) (100LX)

If you think 95/100Buddy is operating inappropriately, remember that you can quickly turn it off and on without having to edit your CONFIG.SYS file and rebooting.


Push (CTRL)-(-) twice to turn 95Buddy off and (CTRL)-(+) to turn it back on.

You can permanently turn 95Buddy off while rebooting. Press (CTRL)-(ALT)-(DEL) to reboot and push (-) (minus key) as soon as you see 95Buddy's banner message on your screen.


Push (CTRL)-(-) to disable 100Buddy's keyboard and display features. Note that some of 100Buddy stays active (e.g. sticky CTRL key). Press (CTRL)-(+) to turn Buddy back on.

100Buddy completely unloads itself when you exit System Manager (press (&...) (MENU) Applications Terminate All). You can also press (MENU) (<Shift>) (DEL) from any application and Buddy will execute the above sequence for you. Type 100 from the DOS prompt to return to System Manager. To restart Buddy, reboot the system.

Jeffrey Mattox

CompuServe ID: [71044,2356]

[Note: 100Buddy is not fully functional on the HP 200LX.]

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