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Flight Simulator runs on the HP 100LX (100/200LX)

Flight Simulator runs on the HP 100LX (100/200LX)

Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 really does work on the 100LX! Delete all of the graphics drivers except CGA and any unnecessary files to save space. The demo runs, but I had to press (CTRL)(<Shift>) (ON) to get out if it. It runs along as fast as on an old XT! Absolutely amazing!

Richard Allen

CompuServe ID: [76207,2062]

To run Flight Simulator 4.0 on a desktop PC, you need to use the number "5" key, above the "T" on the typewriter keyboard. The equivalent to this on the 100LX is (MENU)-(5).

Iver Erling Aarva

CompuServe ID: [70630,553]

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