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More on running Tapcis on the HP 100LX (100/200LX)

More on running Tapcis on the HP 100LX (100/200LX)

You don't have to exit SYSMGR to run TAPCIS on the 100LX -- but it helps. Launch it from AppManager with a vertical bar (|) after the application name in the Path field (e.g. a:\tapcis\tapcis.exe | ). This causes AppManager to give TAPCIS all available memory when it gets launched. If you close all your other applications, you'll have enough memory to run TAPCIS from within System Manager.

You should also put an upside-down question mark (created by pressing (Fn)-(!)) in the Comments field to prevent System Manager from messing with the COM port while you are on line.

That said, once you have closed all your other applications, you might as well exit System Manager (from AppManager, press (MENU) Application Terminate All...). You gain 120K of RAM, which TAPCIS will put to good use. The only thing you lose by doing so is notice of appointments (which you probably don't want popping up over TAPCIS anyway).

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