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Password protect the HP Palmtops (95LX) (100/200LX)

A system or global password is a password that lets you protect the entire machine by requiring the password when the Palmtop is turned on. You can set a system password for the HP 95LX and the HP 200LX. There is no built-in system password for the 100LX, but 100BUDDY adds a global password feature for registered users. However, if you forget your password, there is a way around it, which means it does not provide absolute security.

On the HP 95LX and 200LX:

To specify or change the password on the 95LX: close all open applications (press (MENU) Quit). Start FILER, press (MENU) System to go to DOS, type password at the DOS prompt and press (ENTER).

On the 200LX: go to DOS (press (&...) DOS) and at the DOS prompt type password and press (ENTER).

On both machines you are asked to enter and then verify the password. After you've entered a password, you can activate it in one of two ways:

  • Auto-lock mode: Password protection is there whenever you press (OFF), reboot the system, or the 95/200LX automatically shuts off. You must enter the password when you turn it on again. Activate Auto-lock mode from the DOS prompt by typing password /a prompt and press (ENTER).
  • Manual-lock mode: Password protection is there only when you press (ALT)-(OFF) to turn the 95LX off or press (ON)-(ENTER) to turn the 200LX off. This is the default mode on the 95/200LX. If you have implemented Auto-lock mode on either Palmtop and want to go back to Manual-lock mode, type password /m from the DOS prompt.



You can deactivate password protection by typing password /d from the DOS prompt, but you'll be prompted to enter the password to do so. The password is case sensitive, so use capital and lower case letters just as you entered them. Warning -- remember your password! If you forget it, on the 95LX you'll have to take out the main and backup batteries to re-initialize the 95LX, and you'll lose your data. STATUS.ZIP can help recover your password on the 95LX if you have not powered down.

On the 200LX if you forget your password you will have to call Hewlett Packard technical support with proof of ownership to recover. If they can't help then you'll have to pull all the batteries and re-initialize, losing all your data. Keep good backups.

Robert Roney

Editor, HP Palmtop Paper

iPhone Life magazine

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