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Back up

System Macros to Back up the HP 100/200LX

A previous issue of The HP Palmtop Paper published a suggestion from a reader about how to use DOS batch files to regularly backup files from, say, C drive to a RAM card, A drive.

There was one problem with the suggestion -- it was necessary to ensure that all files were closed since it relies on the file Archive attribute. This is set when the application closes, but Appointment and Phone files tend to be left open all the time and as a result they do not get backed up.

As an alternative, I have developed the following System Macros:

FN (F10) - Backup all new or altered files from C drive to corresponding directories on A drive.

{More}{Menu}al{Filer} {Menu}vs{Right}{F5}a:\ {F10}{Left}{F5}c:\{F10} {Menu}fb{Alt+T}a:\ {Alt+M}{Alt+O}{F10}

This Macro closes all applications, runs FILER and displays a split screen with C: on the left and A: on the right. The backup function is then used to copy all new and altered files from C: to A:. The macro terminates with the split screen still displayed. This Macro is effective because System Manager can be used to close all applications, thereby ensuring that open Appointment and Phone files are closed and therefore backed up.

I run (F10) at 4:00 am by setting a daily repeating appointment which has:

Description: ||10 Start Time: 4:00am End Time: 4:01am Location: Q Alarm: Enabled


(F1) - Backup A: to directory C:A_100LX on a PC.

{Filer}{Menu}q{Filer} {Menu}vs{Right}{F6} {Left}{F5}a:\{F10}{Menu} fb{Alt+T}c:\A_100LX {Alt+M}{Alt+O}{F10} {Right}{F6}{F5}a:\{F10} {Left}{F5}c:\{F10}

This Macro assumes that the Connectivity Pack is installed on the PC, its serial cable plugged into both HP 100/200LX and the PC serial port, and Filer is running on the PC. [Editor's note: For larger RAM cards you may have to use a program like TIMEOUT.COM or 100Buddy that will keep the Palmtop from timing out during file transfer.] The Macro runs FILER, displays a split screen and establishes a Remote connection. The PC directories and files are on the right half of the screen and those of the A drive are displayed on the left. The FILER backup function is then used to copy all new and altered files to directory C:\A_100LX on the PC. The remote connection is then terminated, C: displayed on the left of the screen and A: on the right.

I run (F1) as needed, usually once a week. Obviously, directory A_100LX can be changed to some other directory. Similarly, the final display on the 100/200LX can be changed if required.

R. N. Magee

NSW, Australia

iPhone Life magazine

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