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System Macros

System Macros

Quick switch between business and personal activities (95LX) (100/200LX)

I divide my life (and Palmtop) between business and personal activities. I use the same Appointment Book for both, since business and personal appointments can overlap. I also use the same Phone Book because I don't have that many numbers and the Subset feature lets me narrow down that field.

However, I have separate Note Taker, Database, and Memo files for each area of my life. To facilitate a quick switch between files, I have created two macros: one that loads my business-related files and one that loads my personal files.

Below is the macro that loads my personal files.

{Database}{Menu} foa:\personal\pers.gdb {F10}{NoteTaker} {Menu}foa:\personal\ pers.ndb{F10}{Memo} {Menu}foa:\personal\ journal.doc{F10}

This macro works as follows:

{Database} opens the Database application.

{Menu}foa:\personal\ pers.gdb{F10} saves the .GDB file currently loaded then loads into Database the file PERS.GDB found on my RAM card in the PERSONAL directory (card must be in slot).

From {NoteTaker} to pers.ndb{F10} loads the file NoteTaker file, PERS.NDB just as the line above.

{Memo}{Menu}foa:\personal\ journal.doc{F10} opens MEMO and loads JOURNAL.DOC as above. If another file is already open in Memo, the Palmtop will ask me if I want to save it.

This macro leaves me in MEMO with my journal open, ready to enter comments, observations, poetry, or whatever.

The macro taking me to my business files is very similar, so I won't list it. The main difference is that the business macro ends with {Appt}, which takes me to the application I used most in business -- my Appointment Book.

It would be easy to modify the macros to open other applications or work with other areas in life. You might also want to insert code into the macros to open PHONE Book and select a subset of your phone book.

It also would be easy to create similar macros for the 95LX, to load different Phone Books and Memo files.

Rich Hall

Editor, The HP Palmtop Paper

iPhone Life magazine

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