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Publisher's Message

There's lots of HP Palmtop help available on the "information superhighway." If you know where to look, you'll find HP Palmtop software, as well as ongoing discussions, questions and answers by users worldwide about the HP Palmtop. In this issue we show you where to look. Then we show you how to use the HP Palmtop itself to find palmtop information and information on most any subject imaginable in electronic cyberspace.

The nature and sociological implications of electronic communications, a completely new phenomena to man, is fascinating. Whole worldwide communities come into existence with a common interest as the basic bond and selection criteria. National origin, race, religious beliefs, profession, geographical distance are virtually invisible and irrelevant. Personally, I have logged on to the HP Handheld forum of CompuServe (Go HPHAND) almost every day for the past two and a half years. I have made friends on the forum, many of whom I have never met or even spoken to. However, I "see" them almost every day. As you will read in these pages you can join CompuServe, the Internet or American Online to find Palmtop information and "meet" interesting people from various backgrounds with whom otherwise you would not have come in contact.

The fruits of my daily CompuServe visits can be seen in each issue of The HP Palmtop Paper. Tips, tricks, and how-to-use articles emerge from the collective experience of HP Palmtop users. In this issue both our tip-packed palmtop user profile (page 36) and our article on organizing the day through a custom HP Palmtop todo list (page 42), have their origin in CompuServe discussions.

We, also use the phone and mail to solicit and refine articles from HP Palmtop users. Check out Michael Walsh's interesting treatise on touch typing on the HP Palmtop (page 40). Then study Ed Keefe's HP Calc article (page 46). Whether you are a novice or experience HP Calc user I guarantee you'll learn something in Ed's article.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the two articles I wrote. The first describes my visit to the Far East. In Singapore I met with the new people responsible for the evolution and marketing of the HP Palmtop. In Japan I met about 40 users and saw some exciting new products and upgrades.

When you turn the next page you'll see our new "Palmtop Wisdom" column. I am very interested in your feedback. In it we focus on specific techniques and ideas to make you more effective in your personal and business life. Then we show how to apply those ideas using your HP Palmtop.

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