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Tracking the progress of your people

Suppose you want to keep track of a project someone has promised to do (subordinate, son or daughter, whoever). Use the Palmtop's date stamp feature plus PHONE's Note and Category fields to keep on top of the progress.

ON THE PALMTOP: Suppose you are ready to assign an employee a project. First use PHONE to enter his name and other pertinent info such as his phone extension, mail stop, E-Mail, home phone, etc. Then when you are meeting with him, press (F3) to go to the Note field. Now press (Fn)-(,) to enter today's date.

Write out the assignment with the goals and date for the next meeting. Read it out loud to verify with the employee. When the employee leaves, you can add additional notes about the project, the employee's enthusiasm, suggestions made at the meeting, whatever you might want to reference later.

Similarly, for the next meeting, date stamp it and write up the progress and agreed upon goals for next meeting. Follow this procedure for all additional meetings with the employee about this project and about other things the two of you are working on together.

Finally, assign a special category to anyone whose progress you are tracking. This step isn't absolutely necessary, but it allows you the possibility of easily reviewing at once all those to whom you assigned work or to whom you are collaborating with. For this example, you could name that category "delegate". You could then create a Subset that extracted all names with the category "delegate".

You can use an employee's contact history to check the progress of a project, for employee evaluation, and for study if something didn't go as expected. Also if there is any problem with the employee, you have written documentation.

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