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Quick Check Book Reconciliation

Knowing exactly what your financial position is, is the only way that you can make rational decisions about your finances. Reconciling your checking account is the first necessary and sometimes painful step in finding out where you are. Your Palmtop can help you make this process a little less painful. The HP Calc List Stat program is quite simple and quite useful for simple summing.

ON THE PALMTOP: Start List Stat by pressing the (HPCALC) key and type (MENU) Applications List Stat, or simply press (CTRL)-(L).

If there is any data on the screen, press (MENU) Clear (ENTER) (ENTER) to clear it. Also press (F4) if the horizontal line above the 0.00 total says 2-Var. It should say 1-Var and the (F4) key should read 2-Var.

Now simply enter your check amounts or bank charges and press (ENTER). Put in the initial balance and any deposits as negative by typing the number and then the letter (L), (+/-) and then (ENTER). Every time you enter a number the new subtotal of money spent minus money deposited is listed at the bottom. (You can, of course, make each check a negative and deposits positive, but that requires extra key strokes.) When you are done you will have the negative of the total in your account, and a list of amounts to double check your work.

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