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Schedule most important things first

Some of us have so many responsibilities, our lives are so busy, that we end up not finding time to do what is really important to us. For example, let's consider spending time with our children. We are tired at night and our weekends are crammed with activities, work, or even our favorite ball game.

ON THE PALMTOP: One approach is to schedule an appointment with your kids in your Palmtop, say, for Saturday mornings for 2 hours. That appointment must be treated like any other important appointment. If it must be rescheduled it should be rescheduled immediately and all affected parties need to be informed.

Repeating appointments are easy on the HP Palmtop. Just enter an appointment the usual way by pressing (F2) (Add) from the appointment screen, and then enter the description and time and date. Then press (F8) (Repeat) and move the cursor to weekly. Press (F10) a couple of times and you have scheduled something that is really important to you.

Palmtop diary

There are many good reasons for keeping a personal diary of our thoughts, feelings, and day to day activities. By pausing to write, often you can clarify uncertainty, explore ideas, think deeply about a concern. If we examine our diary over the months and years, we can discern patterns that will provide insights into living a more fulfilling life. If nothing else, it is interesting to look back and see over time how our concerns changed and matured.

Often it is hard to make time to keep up a diary. However the Palmtop is always with you. You can make it a habit to use the waiting periods, those holes in the day, to update your thinking.

ON THE PALMTOP: Open up your diary file in (MEMO). Press (Fn)(,), Date, and (Fn)-(.), Time, to date and time stamp your note. Then begin writing. Alternatively you can enter your notes in NoteTaker. Start a new NoteTaker file called Diary ((MENU) File New Diary (ENTER)). For the Title you could Date and Time stamp. Then create your note. Finally, categorize it: say, "happy", "depressed", "excited", "concern", "breakthrough". At a later time you could, say, look at all "concerns."

To insure privacy give the file a password. In either NoteTaker or Memo press (MENU) File Password and give the file a password that you're sure to remember. If you forget the password, you will have lost the file.

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