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Logitech mouse works on 100LX

Logitech mouse works on 100LX

It is quite easy to use a mouse with the 100LX. All my comments pertain to a Logitech mouse, but I would guess that they would relate to other serial mice. I copied the mouse driver (MOUSE .COM) from the Logitech software disk to my HP 100LX. I did not use MOUSE.SYS, a Logitech TSR mouse drive, because I would have had to install it from my CONFIG.SYS file at boot up. MOUSE.COM let me load and unload the driver whenever I wanted to use the mouse.

I created the directory A:\MOUSE on a memory card and copied MOUSE.COM from my PC to the 100LX using the Connectivity Pack. In Memo I created MOUSEGO.BAT, the batch file that I run when I want to use my drawing program and a mouse. MOUSEGO.BAT has the following lines in it:


cpp cga1

a:\mouse\mouse out

The first line above loads the mouse driver into memory. The second line starts my drawing program with CGA forced on and in monochrome mode. The last line runs after I quit the drawing program, removing the mouse driver from memory.

I loaded the smallest version of the Logitech MOUSE.COM that I had, version 4.10. It takes up 19,784 bytes of disk storage space and 12,160 bytes of system RAM when running.

There are newer versions of MOUSE.COM. However, they are larger and use more system RAM when running. The most recent version of MOUSE.COM I have needs 339,860 bytes of disk space and uses 15,824 bytes of System RAM memory.

Connecting the Logitech mouse to the HP 100LX is also simple. I use the Connectivity Pack PC cable and the 9-pin to 9-pin adapter. I plug the end of the mouse cable into the adapter, the other end of the adapter into the PC end of Connectivity Cable, and the Palmtop end of the Connectivity Cable into the HP 100LX. Voila, I have a mouse on my 100LX.

Bill Blohm Internet ID: bblohm@hpbs1686.boi.hp.com

[The following is a response from Robert Williams, [76167, 2773], to another mouse related question on CompuServe.

Thumbelina is a little 40 mm by 45 mm by 21 mm trackball device that fits comfortably in the hand and has a tiny ball that is rotated with the thumb to simulate the movement of the mouse. There is a left and right button and a neat little "drag" button that lights a LED in the device and stays on until pressed again or until one of the other buttons is pressed.

Here is the contact info I have for the manufacturer: Thumbelina, $99, Appoint, 1332 Vendels Circle, Paseo Robles, CA. 93446; Phone: 800-448-1184 or 805-239-8976.]

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