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Using Infrared communications between HP Palmtops

95LX 100/200LX

Any HP Palmtop can transfer files to another via FILER and the built-in infrared communications port. The first thing you must do is set the Palmtop so it is communicating through the IR port. Next you must make sure both Palmtops are communicating at the same baud rate.


Press (FILER) (MENU) Remote-Set Config Interface 3(Infrared) Quit Quit. This will set the communications port to infrared and automatically reset the baud rate to 2400 bps. The 95LX only operates the infrared port at the speed of 2400 bps.


Press (FILER) (MENU) Communications Remote Settings..., then select Baud rate. If you are going to communicate with an HP 95LX, select 2400. If you are going to communicated with another 100/200LX, select up to 115,200 baud. (If you have problems at this speed, select a lower baud rate.) Next press Interface, use the arrow keys to select Infrared, and press (F10) to confirm your selections.


Select one Palmtop to be the "client" computer (the active member of the link, used to enter commands and view directories). The other Palmtop becomes the "server" (the inactive member of the link). Place the Palmtops on a flat surface so that the ends with the serial port connector are facing each other, no more than 6 inches apart. The client Palmtop should be facing you, the server should be facing away from you.

Using IR Between Two Palmtops: Graphic

 Start FILER on both the Palmtops and press (F7) on the client Palmtop to Split its screen. Then, on the client Palmtop, press (F6) (Remote) to establish an IR connection between the two Palmtops. [Note: HP 95LX's with built-in software version 1.03A did not automatically turn on the serial and IR ports. If you use a 95LX as a server, you will not be able to make contact with it unless the serial port is turned on. There are two ways to manually turn on the IR port on the 95LX that will act as server:

  1. 1. Press (COMM) to turn on the ports and then, without quitting COMM, go to FILER. After finishing the file transfer, go back to COMM and Quit to turn off the ports.
  2. 2. On the 95LX to be used as server, go to FILER and press (F6) (Remote). The Palmtop will turn on the IR and serial ports to try to make connect with another computer. When it fails (after about 11 seconds) press (ESC) to clear the error message. The IR port will still be on and you can go ahead with the IR port transfer as described above.]




The client Palmtop will display its C drive on one side of the split screen and the server's C drive on the other. You can use the client's arrow keys to move into any directory or subdirectory on either C drive and Copy, Delete, Move, Rename, etc the selected files.

Robert Roney Editor HP Palmtop Paper

iPhone Life magazine

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