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Database Tab Order


In the Database application on the 100/200LX you can move from one field to the next by pressing the TAB key. GDBIO <Available ON DISK> uses TAB order when importing and exporting data. The TAB order is determined by the position of the Database fields on the screen, left to right, top to bottom. There is no way to change it.

The screen image is made up of a matrix small dots called "pixels" (picture elements). The TAB order is strictly in order of the x,y coordinates of the upper left corner of each Database field. As this is at the pixel level it is easy to think that two fields are on the same "line" when one is actually a pixel higher or lower. The best way to check is in the Modify Database screen ((MENU) File Modify Database...). Drag the field horizontally until it is next to the other field and look at their alignment. I suppose Magnify from ACE Technologies would be useful here.

Craig Payne CompuServe ID: [72672,3706]

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