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Dictionary and Thesaurus on the HP Palmtop

Dictionary and Thesaurus on the HP Palmtop

I got the Webster's Random House Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus College Edition running on my HP 100/ 200LX. It occupies 10MB (uncompressed) on my flash card and it is faster and more comprehensive than the American Heritage Dictionary (see article, Vol.3, No.4, Pg.24). Having Webster's in my pocket is incredibly useful.

Edward A. Cane

CompuServe ID: [73051, 3722]

[Webster's is published by WordPerfect Corporation and retails for $69. The slimmed-down School and Office version retails for $29. For further information, contact WordPerfect Corporation at 800-321-4566, or contact a software retailer in your area -- Rich.]

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