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Loved Palmtop Wisdom

Loved Palmtop Wisdom

I loved the Nov/Dec 94 issue, especially the new Palmtop Wisdom section. I immediately implemented the Leadership suggestion in the APPT application. However, the way I read it and implemented it, the message is an event. In the APPT application, this places the event above all the daily appointments and I can't get to it. Having the message "Press F3" seems ludicrous. It results in a warning beep.

Any suggestions? Is there something I am missing?

E. Gordy

INTERNET ID: egordy@heartland.bradley.edu

[There is something missing. If you press (<Tab>), the cursor will move up to the event. Then pressing (F3) will display the mission statement that was put in the note field. Press (ESC) or (F10) to leave the note field. Pressing (<Tab>) again will move the cursor to the first appointment of the day -- Robert Roney.]

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