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Flight simulators and other software

Flight simulators and other software

Below are comments on some games, utilities and other files I've found for the HP 100LX. First the games.

I would say that JetFighter II by Velocity is the best of the newer flight simulators that runs on CGA, hence the HP 100/200LX. (See Product Index, page 55.) Load it and press (ON)-(+) or (ON)-(-) to invert the screen and adjust contrast as needed. The first release copies have a couple bugs worth noting... falling through the carrier on take-off/landings occasionally. And it slows the clock down after extensive play. A free update is available to correct these problems. It needs about 1.1MB on a PCMCIA card. JetFighter II lets you chase MIGs and CRUISE missiles; then shoot back!! You get 5 different jets to choose from and a good story line. Well worth the $25 I paid. And since it comes with CGA, EGA, & VGA drivers you can also play it on your desktop PC computer.

Mallard's Flight Planner (ver 91.1230) is the only other one I know that is still carried in some stores. [Flight Planner may still be available in some stores, but Mallard Software's phone is disconnected and we cannot find a new number -- Rich.]

Falcon XT (or 1.0; not to be confused with Falcon AT) is no longer available through Spectrum Holobyte, its developer. However, I recently found it for $9 at a Best Buy Superstore, so there are still some copies out there. Although Jetfighter II is far better, Falcon XT occupies less than 500K and may be more suitable for those with limited disk space.

POPGAMES is a pop-up TSR program of four games: Tetris, Numbers, Lightcycles, and Breakout. Pop loads the program, pop stop removes it. If you load it while shelled to DOS it will be removed when you quit the System Manager. If you hit (ESC) while playing one of the games, POPGAMES keeps your place in the game until you come back or quit entirely. You can keep it loaded and pop it up between other work. POPGAMES occupies only 30K and can stay on the RAM disk. Best of all, POPGAMES is FREEWARE and for a modest fee you can get more games. It's the first good game I've found for those without PCMCIA storage.

I've discovered some additional useful utilities and 100/200LX-related files that make life easier on the HP Palmtop.

STRIPCR.COM strips a file of all carriage returns (type stripcr <file-name> newfilename).

CASE.COM converts a file to all capital letters (type case <filename> newfilename). CASE can really improve the readability in batch files.

FIDROOF.SND is a custom alarm for the 100/ 200LX Appointment Book. Remember the movie Fiddler on the Roof?

VERSES.GBD is a database I created to keep favorite scriptures. By placing a subject label with each verse, you can create subsets on faith, law or whatever topic you choose. Keep verses with numbers less than 10 ordered properly in the database list by preceding they with a 0 (i.e., 01,02,03, etc.). Very little modification could adapt this database for any denomination or religion.

Thank you for the great tips in past issues. Many should have been in the owners manual. Especially the screen inverter and contrast controls. These are a must for CGA games.

Phillip Nichols

Internet ID: pnichols@bbs.gatecom.com

Trenton MI, USA

iPhone Life magazine

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