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Analyzing Bonds on the HP Palmtop

Analyzing Bonds on the HP Palmtop

I have been using an HP 19BII calculator for some time and recently bought the HP 100LX. I was disappointed to find that the 100LX does not have a Bond Menu to calculate the yield to maturity or price for a bond.

I am writing to ask you if you know of an aftermarket program that would enable the 100LX to perform the above tasks.

Petros D. Goneos

New York NY, USA

[Bond calculations are not built into the HP Palmtop but they can be handled by HP Calc's Solver application and by Lotus 1-2-3. There are several sources for these "missing" HP-19BII financial functions, from the amateur to professional levels. One is a short article that describes how to use HP CALC or Lotus 1-2-3 for such calculations (page 35, Mar/Apr 93 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper). Also available is the following shareware, freeware, and commercial software:

BONDS.ZIP -- 100LX compatible SOLVER file solving a wide selection of BOND problems.

BOND95.ZIP -- contains a 95LX-compatible SOLVER equation that will allow the user to solve complex BOND problems, including yield to maturity, yield to call, price, accrued interest, etc. Registered version also has other useful "bonus" equations ready for use. Documentation is a good "primer" on bonds.

Bond Analysis ($219) -- estimates prices and yields of fixed income securities under a broad range of assumptions.

Lane Bond Trader ($399) -- provides tools needed to calculate bond prices and yields, and manage portfolios.

@Bonds ($395) professional investment analysis software for the fixed income trader and analyst that runs on the 95LX and 100LX as a Lotus 1-2-3 add-in. Calculates yields, prices, sensitivities, duration, convexity, value of .01 and 32nd, accrued interest, etc. for investment in treasuries, agencies, `munis,' corporates, zeros, Cds and bills.

Bonds and Bills ($250) -- includes: Euro (A &S/A), US Corporate, US agency, US treasury, US domestic and Japanese bonds.

Bond @nalyst ($495.00) 1-2-3 add-in to help you analyze US and foreign bonds, bills & CD's.

PG03 (ff 835) -- Finance Epargne Placement: Provides multiple equations and Lotus solutions libraries for the HP 95LX for professionals and students, including: Bonds (variation, volatility and duration), Matif, Options Black-Scholes valuation, Coefficient , and many others.

Finance ($89) -- learn and do basic financial analysis, mortgages, loan analysis, bond analysis, compound interest, and more. Comes on a PCMCIA Type II card for the 100LX.

STUDENT.ZIP -- contains a BOND.EQN, containing a set of bond calculations developed by finance student Douglas Gilbert.

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