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New, full-featured HP OmniBooks with color display

New, full-featured HP OmniBooks with color display

Hewlett-Packard Company recently unveiled two new OmniBook PC computers. The HP OmniBook 600 is a lightweight, full-performance color notebook computer. The HP OmniBook 4000 combines fast performance and a large, brilliant color display.

 The HP OmniBook 600 PC: Lightweight color notebook

 At 3.8 pounds, the HP OmniBook 600 is larger than previous OmniBooks. But it is also packed with features, including a back-lit, 8.5-inch color display, a nickel metal hydride battery providing up to four hours of battery life, and Instant-On, which allows the user to return immediately to where they were when they turned the machine off. The 600 PC system also includes an HP Palmtop-compatible Personal Information Manager, financial calculator, and comes with a full-size keyboard, pop-up mouse and an optional recharger that allows customers to recharge multiple batteries.

 The 600PC features two free Type II PCMCIA slots (useable as one Type III slot), an infrared port as well as serial, parallel, floppy drive, and SVGA display ports. An optional enhanced port replicator is available with SCSI-2, PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports, in addition to a LAN-card expansion slot.

 The new HP OmniBook 600 PCs are equipped with Intel 486DX2/50 or 486DX4/75 processors, 4 or 8MB of RAM expandable to 12 or 16MB, and a 170MB or 260MB hard drive (1.8-inch PCMCIA Type II). The HP OmniBook 600 PC series is expected to start at an estimated street price of $2,599 for a system equipped with the Intel DX2/50 processor, 170MB hard drive and 4MB of RAM. The 600 PC ships standard with an external floppy drive, serial cable, external AC adapter, power cord and rechargeable NiMH battery pack.

 HP OmniBook 4000 PC: Fast portable with large, brilliant color display

The HP OmniBook 4000 series features a range of processors up to 100MHz DX4, with RAM expandability up to 32MB and hard drives up to 520MB. The 4000 provides enhanced presentation quality with built-in Sound Blaster Pro-compatible stereo sound and a brilliant 10.3-inch DSTN or 10.4-inch TFT color display.

For extended trips away from a power source, the HP OmniBook 4000 PC's battery life can be doubled by substituting an optional second battery for the floppy drive, resulting in a battery life of five to seven hours. The 4000 PC also comes with a wrist rest and centered trackball for additional comfort. It connects to the outside world via infrared port, serial, parallel, SVGA-out, and audio and keyboard/mouse ports. It has as an option the enhanced port replicator described in the OmniBook 600 description above.

Both HP notebook computers have user-upgradeable flash BIOS, allowing them to easily upgrade to Microsoft Windows 95 when it becomes available. They are preloaded with MS-DOS 6.2, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, LapLink Remote Access, and HP's Windows-based, HP Palmtop compatible PIM software. The HP OmniBook 4000 PCs are expected to start at an estimated street price of $3,299 for systems equipped with an Intel DX2/50 processor, 260MB hard drive, DSTN display and 4MB of RAM. The 4000 PC ships standard with a built-in floppy drive, rechargeable NiMH battery pack and an AC adapter with power cord.

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