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Custom Cities list makes it easier to find time


The World Time "All Cities" list comes with over 475 cities already on it, and can add more as the need arises. (The maximum is limited by the available RAM disk space.) However, sometimes a smaller list is a bit more practical.

Let's say your home office is in Chicago and you're going on a business trip and will visit five cities: New York, London, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. You can create a smaller "Custom Cities" list that only displays these cities.

Press (CTRL) (HPCALC) to go to the World Time All Cites list. Since your home office is in Chicago, you probably have that city set up as your "Local City." If you don't and want to, start typing in Chicago until the highlight bar moves to that city. Then press (F7) (Local) and answer Yes when asked if you want to set it as your local city? The rest of this tip assumes Chicago as your Local City.

 Move your highlight bar to each of the five cities mentioned above. A quick way is to start typing the name of the city and the bar will automatically jump to the city. To select a city for the custom list, press (+). A check mark will appear on the same line as the city, over to the right (next to the time column, see screen display below). To remove a city from the custom list, highlight the city and press (-).

Once you have selected all of your custom cities, press (F9) and only those cities will be displayed.

World Time's Custom Cities List: Graphic

 You can return to the All Cities list any time by pressing (F9) again. You can also access the Custom Cities list by pressing (F6) (Subset) and selecting Custom Cities. You can also use the Subset feature to define and select other subsets of your All Cities list.

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