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Filer view changed from 95LX to 100LX

95LX 100/200LX

A most regrettable change from the 95LX to the 100LX was that the viewer in 100LX Filer displays only the printable character range. This is regrettable because it was handy to be able to 'browse' through binary files and get a rough idea of what's there.

Gilles Kohl

CompuServe ID: [100114,3146]

[Editor's Note: On either HP Palmtop you can go to DOS and use DOS's DEBUG command to view a short file. This will display all the characters in a file. For example to look at the TERM.ENV file in the C:\_DAT directory you would type the following:

debug term.env


(the file will be displayed with the memory addresses and HEX codes to the left and the equivalent ASCII characters to the right.)


The q quits debug. --Robert]

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