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Add a second set of currency conversion tables to HP Calc

95LX 100/200LX

You can edit the Currency conversion sub-application in HP Calc to change or add new conversions up to a limit of 21. If you need more, you can create an additional set of 21 by duplicating the CALC.ENV file and switching between the two .ENV files.

The other limitation is that the conversion rates must all be constants, not formulas. It could be used for such constants as force and energy, Btu's, Joule's, watts, nano, tera, giga, etc. For very large numbers you may need to use the scientific format. (Press (MENU) Options Number Format... Scientific.)

Before re-using the built-in Currency conversions, close HP CALC; in FILER goto C:\_DAT and copy the CALC.ENV file to CALCENV.BAK. Otherwise, once you key in a new set of conversions and close HP CALC, you'll lose the currency conversions.

.The Currency Conversion sub-application can hold up to 21 possible conversions. All you have to do is highlight a field and press (F2) to Edit. Press (F2), again to change the name. Then key in a suitable conversion rate and press (ENTER). Do the same for as many fields as you need up to 21 in all. When you're finished editing the fields, press (ESC) twice.

To get the currency conversions back, close HP CALC and run a simple batch file


@echo off

ren calc.env xxx

ren calcenv.bak calc.env

ren xxx calcenv.bak

The biggest limitation to this tip is that you should not run SWAPCONV.BAT while HP CALC is open.

Ed Keefe

CompuServe ID: [75300,3667]

iPhone Life magazine

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