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Should You Upgrade Your 95LX to 1MB or Buy a RAM Card?

Should You Upgrade Your 95LX to 1MB or Buy a RAM Card?

It depends. Here are some of the advantages of upgrading your unit:
  1. 1. You will be able to allocate more RAM to system memory. That means you can run larger 1-2-3 spreadsheets, keep all your built-in applications open with larger files, or run DOS software that requires more system memory. (See Getting Started column in the Fall and Jan/Feb issues for a deeper understanding of System RAM.)
  2. 2. There is more built-in disk space to hold data or software. This means you can store more spreadsheets, memos, phone books as well as other DOS software and data in your base unit.
  3. 3. In the coming months you can expect to see an increase in the number of larger software programs available for the HP 95LX that will have to be stored in the PC card A drive slot. That means if you want to have data available when you use that software, you will need the extra disk space on the C drive.



Here are the advantages of adding a RAM card to your system.
  1. 1. Both the built-in C drive and the RAM card A drive are relatively safe. However, it is easier to inadvertently corrupt the built-in C drive then the RAM A drive. (No matter where your data is, you should be backing up both drives. See reviews on Connectivity Packs in this month's issue.)
  2. 2. Sensitive information can more easily be protected by simply removing the RAM card from your system.
  3. 3. The RAM card can be read not only in your HP 95LX but by RAM card readers that can attach to your desktop.
  4. 4. RAM cards can hold as much as 2MB (2000K) of data. 750K is about as large as you will want to make your built-in C drive.



Ideally you will want both. It depends on how you use your HP 95LX If all you do is work with small files, your current 512K HP 95LX may be sufficient.

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