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Opening Up the HP 95LX

Opening Up the HP 95LX

For your interest only! We do not suggest or encourage any 95LX user open the case and perform any internal repairs on the HP 95LX.

By Richard Hall

[Although I am listed as author, this article borrows heavily from information submitted by Jeffrey Mattox and David J. Marsh -- Rich.]

A number of us had the desire to crack open the case on the HP 95LX to do some minor repairs. I was in a hurry connecting serial cable and I pushed one of the four pins in the 95LX's serial port back into the unit so just the pin's tip was showing.

 Jeffrey Mattox had been using his new HP 95LX for about a week when an intermittent short circuit developed in the AC adapter input circuit. The unit would automatically turn itself off after a few minutes of inactivity even though it was plugged into an adapter. Jeffrey thought the short was mechanically linked to the AC adapter jack, so he wanted to attempt a do-it-yourself repair.

David Marsh was advising another user whose 95LX speaker stopped working. He suspected that the wires going to the speaker had intruded into the Memory Card's space and that repeated insertion of a RAM card had broken the wires. He suggested splitting the case and taking a look.

 So all of us wanted to look inside to see if there was a quick and easy fix without having to send our 95LXs away to Corvallis for a week. (Alright, maybe we're curious to see what it looked like inside!)

 I contacted HP's Corvallis Service Center and they encouraged me strongly to send the 95LX in for repairs. They told me that any damage to the unit while opening it up would be considered "customer damage", not be covered under warranty.

 All three of us went ahead and split the case with no apparent damage. Here are the steps chronicled by Jeffrey and David.

Opening the 95LX Case

Putting It All Back Together

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