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Connectivity On The HP 95LX

Connectivity On The HP 95LX

It is possible to transfer files from the HP 95LX to a PC without using one of the connectivity programs discussed here. To do so you would need to use COMM, the built-in communications program on the 95LX, along with another communications program on your PC. Most of this article will focus on specific connectivity programs which are designed to make it more convenient for your 95LX and your PC to work together.

 The importance of being able to move files back and forth between your HP 95LX and your PC goes beyond just transferring files. Here are the most important areas associated with connectivity on the 95LX:

  1. 1. Backing up Files--Backing up your HP 95LX files to your PC is a necessity, not a luxury. While it's true you can back up files to Drive A on your 95LX, backing them up to your PC means you can also work with those files on your PC. Also, the files backed up on your PC's hard or floppy disks are probably more secure than a RAM card. If the RAM card battery runs out, you lose all of the data. You do have the option of backing up your HP 95LX files using a RAM Card Drive. This drive connects to your PC. You can transfer files back and forth using a 95LX RAM card like you would a floppy disk.
Many users will use both a RAM card drive and a connectivity package to increase flexibility and capability. (See McLean article in the Jan/Feb 1992 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper.)
  1. 2. Transferring New Files--There will be many points where you might want to transfer new files between your HP 95LX and your PC. This is handy for those times when you've started a 1-2-3 spreadsheet while traveling and then want to finish it up on your desktop PC; or when you've just started a spreadsheet in the office and plan to finish it on the road.
If you use Hewlett-Packard's Connectivity Pack, you can use the 95LX Phone Book and Appointment Book applications on your PC. Then whenever you make changes to PHONE or APPT on either your 95LX or PC, you can easily transfer them to the other machine.
  1. 3. Translating Files--Because of the translation features in most of these connectivity packages, you can work with your favorite programs on your PC and then translate their data files to the HP 95LX Appointment Book and Phone Book formats. Some of the file formats that can be translated to and from 95LX file formats are:
Current Daybook
PC Tools
Sidekick 2.0

You need to check the specific connectivity program you're interested in to be sure of just which files it translates.

 As an example, let's say you use Borland's Sidekick on your PC to keep track of your appointments. You can translate Sidekick's data file to the format used by the 95LX's APPT function and then transfer it to the 95LX. APPT should then be able to use the calendar created on your desktop PC. You can just as easily go the other direction and translate 95LX file formats into Sidekick (or other) formats.

The ability to translate file formats provides a level of flexibility you'll quickly grow to like. And it's easy to learn how to use this handy feature, too.

  1. 4. Merging Files--Merge is another option you have with three of the connectivity packages reviewed here. The Merge feature lets you combine two files. Let's say you had made changes to the PHONE data file on your 95LX while traveling. The Merge feature would let you combine your 95LX's PHONE data file with the one on your desktop PC, and update the desktop's file. The option of Merge is an extra level of flexibility that expands the potential of both your HP 95LX and your PC.



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