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Setting Up Your 95LX Without an IBM Compatible

Setting Up Your 95LX Without an IBM Compatible

  1. 1. SET UP YOUR 95LX by entering COMM and pressing <MENU> Settings Config Port. Set your Interface to COM1, Baud to 7 (Direct), Stop to 1, Parity to None, and Char to 8.
  2. 2. Save your settings by naming it MACCONN.DCF, or whatever.
  3. 3. SET UP YOUR MACLINK PLUS PC software. Use the Terminal mode; Click on the Set Connections radio button and set the following options:
Remote: Other

Transfer Via Direct (Cable)

Speed 57600

Port Phone

Save your settings as "Mac To 95LX," or whatever.

  1. 4. CONNECTING THE TWO: on your 95LX, retrieve your Mac settings and the sub-menus TRANSFER, XMODEM.
  2. 5. You will then be prompted to Send or Receive. Select Receive and type in MLPC.EXE.
  3. 6. On your Mac, retrieve your 95LX settings and click on Set Communications and then Connect.
  4. 7. You will then be prompted to Send or Receive. Select Send and click on the drive in the dialog box that contains your MacLinkPlus/PC's DOS diskette. Scroll to MLPC.EXE and double-click that selection.
  5. 8. Verify that your 95LX's FILER contains the new MLPC.EXE file.

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