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Accessing the HPSYS Forum

Accessing the HPSYS Forum

You are finally ready to go on line and access the HP Systems Forum. You should have the following menu options at the top of your screen:

Settings Connect Transfer Quit

If you don't, press <ESC> a few times and then <MENU> and you should see the options. Then do the following:

  1. 1. Select Connect.
  2. 2. Your modem will now dial CompuServe. After awhile, you will see the CONNECT 2400 on your screen. Again, following the instructions you received from CompuServe, proceed to log on to the service. This time, however, you will notice a difference. What appears to be meaningless characters will appear on your screen at the point you are supposed to see the "User I.D.:" prompt.
  3. This is normal. At this point, enter your CompuServe user I.D. anyway and press <ENTER>. When you enter your user I.D., it will also appear unintelligible. However, CompuServe is automatically sensing how your computer is set. You should now see the normal, readable "Password:" prompt. Enter your password and press <ENTER>.
  4. 3. You will come to a prompt that ends with a !. Type go hpsys and press <ENTER> to enter the HPSYS forum. If you have never entered the HP Systems Forum before, you will see the following notice;
Non-members cannot access this feature. Do you wish to join (Y or N)? Type Y and press <ENTER>.

  1. You will then be prompted for your name. Enter your full name (first and last) and press <ENTER>. Finally, you will be asked if all is correct. If it is, type Y and press <ENTER>.

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