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Break-even Analysis Done with Solver

Break-even Analysis Done with Solver

With Lotus 1-2-3 still showing, press <HP CALC>. Press <MENU> S to start the Solver. Press <MENU> Options Format Fixed 2 for this example.

Press F2 to bring up the equation editor and key in this formula:


Press <ENTER> to exit the equation editor and press F9 to start Solver.

 To fill in the numbers, use the RCL @ keys. For example, <Up Arrow> or <Down Arrow> to highlight the "Price =" line. Then press M and @. This will automatically bring up 1-2-3. Move the cursor to cell D3. Press <ENTER> once to grab the value 29.95. Press <ENTER> again, in Solver, to paste the value on the "Price =" line. Do the same for "Var" and "Fix". Alternatively, you can just type in the values at the cursor. (NOTE: The values mentioned below may be off slightly because the numbers from Lotus have greater decimal accuracy.)

Breakeven Analysis Done With Solver

 Now, slide the highlighter to the "GrPrft =" line, key in 0 and then move the highlighter to Units. Press <Space Bar> and see "Units = 44.08" on the result line. That's it! Piece of cake!

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