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Playing "What If..."

Playing "What If..."

To see how much Profit I'll make after 1000 people register their copy of "The Diversions Disk", press @ again. You should see "TRACE X=43.89 Y=- 4.60" on the top line of the display. Press -- twice to re-scale the graph and then use the <Right Arrow> to move the cross hair to X=883.33. Y will be 19,839.31. Now press ({open bracket}. You'll see an * (asterisk) on the diagonal line. Press <Right Arrow> again and then press ) {close bracket} to complete the boundaries of a Zoom Box. The graph will explode and show you the area inside the Zoom Box.

Again, press <Right Arrow> to get to the point where X=999.07. Then press <Shift>--<Right Arrow> to nudge up to where X=1,000.62. At that point Y will be 22,611.82. Well, a kid can dream, can't he?

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