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Programmers' Helper

Programmers' Helper

PROHLP.EXE *, The Programmers' Helper, is a simple program that does four tasks that ordinarily require paging through a book or using a computer calculator.

PROHLP will find the key codes for various keys. Also, at the touch of a key, it will let you find either the hexadecimal or decimal value of any ASCII character you desire. (On the HP 95LX, it shows the Code Page 850 characters.) Besides this, PROHLP will convert any number, to hex FFFF, from one base to another.

* Available on The HP Palmtop Paper on Disk, Mar/Apr 1992Mar/Apr 92.

The Programmers' Helper program is available in the HPSYS, Library 14, forum. The source code (Turbo C 2.0) comes with the program. I have a reason for this beneficence. I'm hoping that some other programmer will explain to the rest of us, in relatively simple terms, how to get the computer to show the key codes for the blue application keys and the MENU key. I've tried various methods and none of them seem to work. This programmer needs help.

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