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Who Needs Those !%#*&@ Characters?

Who Needs Those !%#*&@ Characters?

For most people the HP 95LX has an adequate collection of characters in addition to the alphabet and numbers. The yellow shifted characters above the second row of keys and on the numeric keypad provide a wide variety of additional characters, including ` ~ ! # $ | \ [ ] { } ; : ' " < > ? ^ and %.

But there are less common special characters that occasionally come in handy: the numbers 1/2, 1/4, and 3/4 or ; the plus-over-minus or cents sign; the copyright, registered trademark symbols, for example. If you do business in different countries, you'll occasionally need to use an , , or . Fortunately these and other special characters are easy to produce on your HP 95LX.

 Generate special characters on your HP 95LX by pressing <CHAR> and any of the keys you see shown in Figure #1 or by holding <ALT> down and entering a 3-digit character code from the Character Code Set in Figure #2.

 The only qualifying statement here is that your printer or the software on the PC to which you will transfer a 95LX-created file also must be able to generate special characters. Otherwise, you'll get strange looking characters (or nothing) in place of where you wanted the special characters.

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