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Use the Palmtop to help you memorize important facts or vocabulary

Many of us used flash cards in school to learn our multiplication tables, to memorize vocabulary from another language, or to master terminology in a specialized subject. The idea is simple. On one side of a card, put the problem (e.g.. 8 x 9 = (?) or, if you are learning Spanish, "buenos das"). On the other side put the answer ("72" or "good morning").

You can set up your own flash card learning system with your HP Palmtop to increase your vocabulary, help learn another language, remember personal information about your customers or associates, or any other task that requires rote learning.


This system is especially easy with the HP 200LX and its datacard feature. However, it works almost as well on the HP 100LX.

On the HP 100/200LX start NoteTaker (press (CTRL)-(MEMO). Then open a new file (press (MENU) File New, give the file a name and press (F10)). On the main screen (index view) we want only "Title" and optionally "Category" showing. To do this, from the main screen (index screen), press (F8) (Columns). Move the cursor to the Note field (if it is there) and press (F3) (Delete). (The Note field still exists, it just won't show up on your index screen). If the Category field was not displayed, you can add it to the main NoteTaker display by pressing (F2), highlighting Category and pressing (F10) (OK).

Let's start entering arithmetic examples just to illustrate how this works. Press (F2) (Add). In the Title field key in 7 + 8. Tab to the Note field (or press (F3)) and put the answer 15. In the Category field type Add. Press (F2) to Add another entry, say, 6 x 9 in "Title", 54 in "Note", and Mult in "Category."

After entering a few such records, press (F10) to go back to the index view. On the HP 200LX, press (CTRL)-(D) so the answer (card view) does not show. Now move the cursor to any of the problems. When you think you know the answer, press (CTRL)-(D) on the 200LX and the datacard pops up with the correct answer.

NoteTaker Uses Card View to Show Answers: Graphic

 On the 100LX press (F3) or (ENTER) to see the answer in the Note field.

Using the Category field lets you divide your list up in a logical way for different drills. In the example above, you can display your multiplication problems by defining a subset to display only entries with Mult in the category field. Simply press (F6) (Subset) (F2) (define), Tab to the Category field, arrow down to the category you want and press (ENTER). Press (F10), name the Subset and press (F10) again.

Remember, you can create "flash cards" to help you learn just about anything including: medical terms and their definitions; client names and client information; products and the key benefits associated with them; the Palmtop's keys and what those keys accomplish; Palmtop procedures and what keys to press; and so forth. (See page 23 to see how this idea is used in learning a foreign language).

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