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How not to feel so burdened with all the things you have to do

During the day, things to do frequently come to mind. Many of these items are important but not urgent. One "trick" to take some of the internal pressure off is to label some of your To-Do's as "maybe".

ON THE PALMTOP: In Appointment Book, I press (F10) to enter the To- Do List and press (F2) to add a To-Do. After keying in the Description of the To-Do, I (<Tab>) to Priority and type in MB for MayBe. When it becomes time to plan my week I take a look at all my Maybe To-Do's, and schedule the most important ones in the following week.

Don't "lose" your car again

Unfortunately, I am one of those people that can enter a mall, attend a trade show, or stay at a hotel, and forget where I put my car. This becomes even more frustrating when I travel and leave my car at an airport parking lot. I am now in the habit of creating an event (a timeless appointment) in APPT which describes the car's location. For the APPT date I choose the date I will be returning.


  1. 1. Start APPT and press (F2) to add an appointment. In the Description field, type: (<Spacebar>) CAR @ level D space 140 and press (F3). (Put a space before CAR so the phrase appears at the top of the Appointments list.)
  2. 2. Tab to Start Time and press (DEL) to make the phrase an "Event".
  3. 3. Tab to Start Date and type in the date you will need to get your car.
  4. 4. Press (F10) to exit.

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