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1995 HP Handheld Users' Conference

1995 HP Handheld Users' Conference

The readership of The HP Palmtop Paper is cordially invited to attend the 1995 HP Handheld Users' Conference which will be held the weekend of August 5-6, 1995 at the Event Center of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.A.

The conference will look at the evolution of HP calculators and Palmtops, their users and uses, and directions of the future. The conference will include presentations, workshops, and an exhibition hall where vendors will be displaying Palmtop-related products.

Conference organizers (listed at the end of this article) are looking for speakers, people to conduct workshops, Palmtop users who wish to submit papers, vendors with Palmtop-related products, and others.

Interested persons should send papers by July 1, 1995 to the Conference Organizer or the Technical Program Organizer (details below). If you need more information, please contact one of these organizers.

Speakers planning to attend include, but are not limited to:

  • Bruce Bruemmer -- Archivist, Charles Babbage Institute.
  • Diana Byrne -- HP48 Corvallis team leader.
  • Craig Finseth -- Conference organizer and developer of programs for the HP Palmtops.
  • Hal Goldstein -- Publisher and Editor of The HP Palmtop Paper.
  • Kheng Joo Khaw -- Head of HP's Singapore Division.
  • Oleg Linetsky - Postmaster, Institute of Mathematics, Odessa State University and leader of HP User's Group, Ukraine.

The content of the conference is not complete and the organizers need to know what you want to see (and hear) on the program. Also please contact us if you are interested in being a speaker or are interested in volunteering in any other capacity. The organizers need help in a variety of areas including a program preparation person to create a camera- ready master of the program guide; and an on-site registration person to staff the registration table at the conference.

In addition, the organizers are thinking about having an auction and/or designated time for people who want to swap, buy, or sell Palmtop-related things. Does this idea appeal to you? Do you have anything to auction? Contact the conference organizers, listed at the end of the article, with your ideas. Also, the traditional Sunday evening conference banquet is being planned (tickets are extra). Send in any feedback you have on the type of food you would like to have for this event.

Minnesota has lots of other attractions besides the Mall of America (the world's largest mall). Parks, zoos, museums, and beautiful scenery are also available. Drop a note to the organizers and let them know if you are bringing other people (e.g., family members) with you. If so, what sort of activities would they be interested in? This information will help the organizers prepare the conference packets and limit our research to those areas most likely to be of use to you.

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