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747 Pilot's reference

747 Pilot's reference

I use the American Heritage Dictionary on my 100LX. I have text files with FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations) that I copied from a CD ROM offered by Summit Aviation. I also obtained a text file with a copy of my companies' crew operations handbook. I'm able to search and find the duty time rules, credit hour computations, etc., that I need to know to argue technicalities with crew scheduling. The union of which I'm a member is presently negotiating a contract with the Company and I expect to replace the handbook with the official contract as soon as it is available.

I do a lot of traveling on commercial airlines, both to pick up trips and when returning home from live legs....so I have the Worldwide edition of the Official Airline Guide (OAG) on my Palmtop. It comes with monthly updates and is available in DOS, Windows and Mac versions. I install it to my desktop and transfer it to my Flashcard using my Protégé memory card reader. It gives flight arrival, departure, equipment, meal service, connecting times, airline phone numbers, car and hotel phone numbers, and frequent flyer program information, but no fare information. It runs quite well on the LX. OAG also publishes a paper Pocket Flight Guide, but the electronic one is so much more elegant and easier to carry. Only problem is you have to figure out your own connections; it only gives point-to-point information.

Lastly, I have Expert Astronomer to identify stars and constellations. It lets me input latitude, longitude and time, and give me a pictorial representation of the sky wherever I am. The best spot in the world for stargazing is the cockpit of a 747. Expert Astronomer runs real slow on my Palmtop, but is not much better on my 486DX/40 notebook. However, for stars I rarely get to see, like those in the Southern Hemisphere, you can't beat it. I got Expert Astronomer from the ten dollar clearance bin at Egghead Software over a year ago. It takes about 500K of disk space.

James W. Bailey CompuServe ID: [71144,64]

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