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Seven Habits of Highly Effective 95LX Users

Seven Habits of Highly Effective 95LX Users

Hal wrote an excellent article showing how he uses the 100LX to implement the "7 Habits" Time Management philosophy described by Stephen Covey in his books, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First. (See page 40, May/June 94). I have implemented these principles on my ECCO/Palmtop/ABKTool system as follows.

In ECCO, I conduct a weekly planning session in which I identify goals for the week for each of the major roles in my life (Christian, Husband, Father, Employee, etc). Each of these roles is a sub-item in an ECCO folder. Under each goal, I might have appointments, To-Do's, or just information. The appointments and To-Do's are tagged with a "quadrant," according to Covey's system: 1 = important and urgent (I Gotta do this task); 2 = important and not urgent (the key to success, according to Covey); 3 = not important but urgent; and 4 = not important and not urgent (why am I doing this task?) I then "schedule my priorities," rather than prioritize my schedule, using the weekly view for the coming week. I then transfer the appointments and To-Do's to the Palmtop for later viewing.

I highly recommend Covey's books, since I cannot do them justice in this space. Also, on the Arabesque section on CompuServe (go WinapA), several ECCO users have uploaded templates to implement the Covey system, and there is often a healthy discussion on the 7-Habits in that forum.

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