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How long do you set your alarm lead time? 95LX 100/200LX

The HP Palmtops let you set a lead time to your alarms so you'll be reminded about an appointment before it happens.

In Appointment Book on the HP 95LX, press (F8) (Insert) and fill out the "Enter the appointment" screen as desired. Use the DownArrow key to move the Alarm enable/disable field and press (<Spacebar>) to toggle to the enable setting. Then set the Leadtime field to up to 30 minutes.

In Appointment Book on the HP 100/200LX, press (F2) (Add) and fill out the Appointment/Event screen as desired. Then use the Tab or DownArrow key to move to the Alarm box. Make sure the Enabled box is checked, and set the Leadtime field to up to up to a full day prior to the appointment. Enter the leadtime as hours:minutes (e.g., 1:45), or just minutes (e.g., 240, Appt will convert it to 4:00).


The amount of leadtime you set depends on how far in advance you want to be notified. I use the 5 minute default for most appointments with someone at my office, reminders to make a phone call or check with somebody on a project, etc. If I have a meeting outside the office, I'll adjust the time upwards, depending on how long I think it will take me to get to the meeting. I'll set the leadtime up to 23:59 for important meetings I have to prepare for, reports I have to do, publishing deadlines I have to make.

If I think I need more than a one-day leadtime on an appointment, I'll set another reminder appointment 2 or more days in advance of the real appointment, with notes in the F3 field on what I have to have at the meeting, reports that have to be prepared, etc. Setting an additional appointment is a way to get around the 95LX's 30 minute leadtime limit.

Rich Hall Editor, HP Palmtop Paper

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