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cc:Mail Learns

cc:Mail Learns

I would like to applaud the company palmtop.com for finding some use for that old ROM-sucker cc:Mail that lives on our 100/200LXs.

What palmtop.com has done is actually quite simple: They've set up a cc:Mail server (or whatever its called) that functions as a gateway to the Internet.

Thus, after you follow their instructions to setup cc:Mail on the Palmtop, sending mail to the Internet is just a question of filling out the To:, cc:, bcc: and Subject: fields, writing your message, and hitting (F5) to send. When you're near a phone you just plug in your modem and hit (F10) to connect. cc:Mail then calls palmtop.com, uploads your message(s), downloads any E-mails that may be there for you and disconnects you again. Very smooth and fast, and the real beauty is: You have all you need on your HP already! The monthly fee is $9, and you can get more info from: palmtop.com; 934 Del Rio Court Milpitas, CA 95035; Tel: 408-450-3467; E-mail: info@palmtop.com

PS: Neither I, nor my employer, has anything to do with palmtop.com, I just tried it, and liked what I saw.

--Jesper E. Siig Internet ID: Jesper.Siig@DMO.MTS.DEC.Com

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