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How does PalmVue work?

How does PalmVue work?

The HP PalmVue System is designed to be used in a facility that has HP monitors networked together via HP CareNet. So, for example, an ICU in a hospital might have 15 beds, each with an HP patient monitor. If these monitors are on a CareNet network, a physician or nurse can access critical data about any patient in the network from any of the monitors. The PalmVue Dispatch Station is connected to this network. Here's a typical scenario:


  1. 1. The clinician starts the Dispatch Station, views a list of patients on the monitoring system and selects the desired patient.
  2. 2. The Dispatch Station displays the first three of all active waveforms. [A waveform is a graphical display of a patients physiological data, e.g., blood pressure, respiration, EKG, etc.]
  3. 3. The clinician selects, views and captures a 5-second snapshot of any three waveforms, and creates a message to send to the remote user. (The user may also select a single 15-second snapshot of one waveform.)
  4. 4. The clinician views each screen to confirm that its data is complete and ready for transmission. From a list the user selects the physician to receive the data and starts the paging transmission. The user may also retrieve stored messages and send them.
  5. 5. The message is automatically sent to the paging service, which transmits it. The Dispatch Station indicates when the transmission is received.
  6. 6. The HP Medical Palmtop in the pocket of the physician beeps to indicate the arrival of the message. PalmVue software on the Palmtop has an error detection feature that detects incomplete or corrupted transmissions and avoids the display of invalid data.
  7. 7. The PalmVue software on the Medical Palmtop automatically starts and displays the patient name, date, time, hospital name, care unit, individual to contact, and phone number. From that screen he can view the waveform display, text note, or vital sign data.
  8. 8. The physician contacts the sender to discuss the patients condition and confirm that he received the transmission.

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