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The HP Palmtop is HPs Laptop in Your Pocket!

The HP Palmtop is HP's Laptop in Your Pocket!

How about a picture of a hassled flight attendant desperately trying to serve dinner to a harassed businessman crammed into the window seat and trying madly to pack away a 7 lb ThinkPad, while seated next to him is a happy 100/200LX user eating dinner, with his LX in his shirt pocket: HPs Laptop in Your Pocket Solved That Problem. Or how about a series of pictures featuring business men and women in real life contexts looking up from their LXs happily but quizzically with the following questions and answers:

WordPerfect? Sure... HP's Laptop in Your Pocket!

CompuServe? Sure... HP's Laptop in Your Pocket!

Internet? Sure... HP's Laptop in Your Pocket!

Lotus 1-2-3? Sure... HP's Laptop in Your Pocket!

Quicken? Sure... HP's Laptop in Your Pocket!

Toy? Not on Your Life... HP's Laptop in Your Pocket!

The possibilities are endless! I think we should have a contest to provide HP with some advertising ideas. Edward A. Caine CompuServe ID: [73051,3722]

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